About Me

I'm the founder of Sidewinder Games, where my focus lies in helping indie studios create amazing games using modern technology like Unreal Engine 5, PlayFab and Epic Online Services to scale to millions of players across every platform.

My passion for video game development began in 2002 when I started modding Operation Flashpoint: Resistance. This ignited my interest in gameplay programming, leading me to mod the GoldSrc Engine, Battlefield 2, and eventually Garry's Mod. In 2009, I entered the professional realm with the release of Epic Games' UDK.

I love building games and find the unique challenges they present to be incredibly rewarding. I'm also a huge fan of the indie game scene and have worked with numerous indie studios over the years. My contributions range from helping with their first prototypes to final releases and post-release support.

Outside of game development, I enjoy contributing to open-source projects, working on personal projects, and learning new technologies. I have a solid background in DevOps, Cyber Security, and Web Development.